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Hearing Tests

Have you ever questioned your ability to hear certain sounds? Do you have trouble understanding conversations when there are multiple people? Do you have to ask individuals to repeat themselves frequently? Do you find yourself constantly turning up the volume on the television or radio?
These and many other questions about the symptoms of hearing loss are answered every day by qualified audiologists like those at Sahali Professional Hearing Services. Hearing loss happens to most people as they age, but can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons.

Diagnostic audiologic evaluation

The first step toward finding out exactly what you can and cannot hear, and why, is to have a diagnostic audiologic evaluation. This evaluation is painless and simple, and done in our office usually using earphones. The audiologist sends tones through the earphones, as well as words and phrases to detect your ability to hear at various volumes. Depending on your symptoms, we may perform a variety of different hearing tests, but each of these are easy and will be explained by our audiologist. The diagnostic audiologic evaluation will give us the important clues needed to not only diagnose your hearing loss, but recommend the proper treatment.

Hearing test results

One important result of a hearing test is the frequency range excluded from your hearing acuity. This result gives the audiologist information about the type of hearing aid you might need. Some tests are age-specific, and older people generally have test sounds that differ from those for children. All the data from a hearing test is used to determine the severity and type of hearing loss, and is an important tool in recommending treatment.

Hearing loss treatment

The most common treatment for hearing loss includes hearing aids. There are a number of different styles, brands, models and features available, so it’s essential to select the right devices for your specific needs. At Sahali Professional Hearing Services, our audiologist will walk you through your options and help you find the right hearing aids. 

Live speech mapping

Once you have selected the right set of hearing aids, the audiologist will specifically fit them to your ear and will fine-tune your hearing aids for normal speech volume by means of live speech mapping. 

Live speech mapping uses tiny microphones placed in your ears to detect the direction and intensity of speech and tell the audiologist how your ears detect and direct speech sounds. The audiologist can see this information on a computer screen. 

During this process, hearing aids are tuned to give patients the clearest hearing of normal speech possible. The goal is to show by live demonstration your new ability to hear speech and respond to it normally.