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Hearing Aid Repair

A hearing aid is a miniature computer, which our patients wear daily. Not unlike computers, hearing aids need maintenance. Much of the hearing aid’s maintenance can be completed within the clinic, while more extensive repairs are provided by the manufacturer. 

Hearing Aid Maintenance At Home 

When you are fit with your hearing aids, your audiologist will provide you with information to maintain your device.This will include instruction and hands-on practice on how to change the batteries, how to clean the device, and what to do if you believe your hearing aid is not functioning properly. If you have any questions on maintaining your hearing device, please call the clinic or schedule an appointment to review this important information.

Hearing Aid Maintenance At the Clinic 

Following the weekly hearing aid maintenance routine, that was recommended by your audiologist, will keep your hearing aids in optimal shape. At Sahali Professional Hearing Services, we offer a thorough maintenance check and cleaning of your hearing aids. We encourage our patients to drop into the clinic a few times a year to ensure their devices are functioning to their full potential. 

Hearing Aid Repairs 

A hearing aid is a miniature computer and is composed of over 60 different components and integrated circuits - amplifier, receiver, antenna, battery, microphones - so there is potential for different components to be replaced over the life of the hearing aid. Many repairs can be completed in the clinic. In the event you require a major hearing aid repair, we can send your devices to the manufacturer and work as a liaison between the two. Please don’t wait if you have a hearing aid that is not performing as it should; contact the clinic and we’ll be happy to help you.