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Welcome to Carolyn Palaga Audiology Services

Carolyn Palaga and her team believe patients with hearing loss deserve audiology services based on the highest scientific standards.  The team is committed to raising the level of integrity in the field of audiology by practicing evidence-based audiology.

Current research reveals many negative effects of untreated hearing loss, which have the potential to impact various areas of an individual's life, including important relationships and ability to function well in employment.

About Us

Carolyn Palaga
Carolyn Palaga,
M.Sc., Aud(C), F-AAA, RAUD, RHIP

Claudia Wright
Claudia Wright,
M.Cl.Sc., Aud(C), RAUD, RHIP


The auditory system includes the entire pathway from the outer ear to the brain.  Carolyn and Claudia believe that in order to assess the entire auditory system, a complete diagnostic evaluation must be completed, opposed to a simple hearing screening. The first step of the audiological assessment is gaining a strong understanding of the patient's individual concerns.  A complete medical history is obtained which provides valuable information to assist in the treatment of the hearing concern.  Treatment options include counselling of the auditory system, information regarding work-related hearing loss, amplification or hearing aids, or possible referral to other professionals such as an otolaryngologist (ENT).

We offer unparalleled service

The information obtained from a complete diagnostic evaluation, in combination with over 25 years clinical experience, allows Carolyn and Claudia to ensure patients have success regaining hearing and enhancing communication, which leads to a reconnection with their individual world.

The process begins by ensuring the technology we recommend is the most advanced, having strong research and development support. The hearing aid fitting is customized to the patient and is a 6-8 week process, as the auditory system is very complex.  The hearing aids are programmed and verified to the patients prescription using evidence based techniques (Real Ear Measures).  The global approach of a complete diagnostic assessment, and prescribing and programming the most innovative technology, allows our patients the best opportunity to succeed with the rehabilitative process.

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Carolyn and Claudia strive to provide the highest level of service to their patients by following clinical guidelines in the diagnosis of hearing and vestibular conditions using advanced science based technology.  

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